UPCOMING WORKSHOPS - 21st February and 22nd February

MORNING WORKSHOP: Springtime Beauties Cards.
DATE: 21st February 2014.
TIME: 10:00am - 12.00pm.
VENUE: Forbes Handicraft Centre, Forbes.
COST: $30 per person.

In this workshop, you will create 3 beautiful Springtime cards with sponged backgrounds, Distress Paint stamping and using Alcohol Ink Art Markers for colouring embellishments.

This workshop is suitable for beginners.

This workshop is limited to 6 people. Please RSVP to 0427 511 683.

This workshop was designed by Beryl McLean.

AFTERNOON WORKSHOP: Adore Bling 12 x 12 Layout.
DATE: 21st February 2014.
TIME: 1:00pm - 3:00pm.
VENUE: Forbes Handicraft Centre, Forbes.
COST: $45 per person.

In this workshop, you will create, a double page layout with a fold out booklet. You will also learn how to use design adhesives and foils, create altered flowers and use bling alphabet for the title.

This workshop is suitable for beyond beginners.

This workshop is limited to 6 people. Please RSVP to 0427 511 683.

This workshop was designed by Sonya Edwards.

My Workshop Rewards for You.

My Workshop Rewards for You.


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I can offer the following papercraft services to you:

Invitations for all occasions.

Scrapbooking Workshops for Beginners or Beyond Beginners.

Card Making Workshops for Beginners or Beyond Beginners.

Master classes for those wanting to learn more involved techniques.


Completing Scrapbooking Albums of your Precious Memories.

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Yours in Kaszazz,


Hi Everyone,

Here are the instructions for the Cyber Crop in February.

For this crop all you will need is a plain SB for the base page, 2 x pattern papers, only need 1/4 sheets so its a great chance to use up your stash. Also plain SB paper for matting and a journal block and 3 landscape photos that can be cropped down, 2 will end up quite small. And don't forget your embellishments, this will need a title and would also be a great one to use stamps or rubons...now the rest is up to you to hunt and find what you want to use, I have a challenge for everyone, try using a colour or colour combination that you wouldn't normally use...for me that will be aqua and orange. See you Friday night! Remember all the instructions will stay here on the page so if you don't finish don't worry, do it in your own time and just enjoy xxx

A nice easy one to start with, crop your 3 photos so that they are in a landscape position and measure 4"x3", 3"x2" and 2"x2". This is the order they will go in across the page. The two smaller photos will be matted together so you can do this now creating a photo mat out of a piece of plain SB and a small border around each.

Cut 3 panels measuring 3" wide and 6" long of 3 contrasting papers, to make them interesting add a punch, tear or ribbon to the bottom of each.

Choose a plain sb for your background paper, place your 3 panels approximately 2" down from the top of the page and 1" in from the left and right edges. Place the panels so there is an even space between each of them and all 3 tops line up 2" down from the top. It should look like there are 3 columns across the page. Don't stick down yet. Next place your matted photos with the largest one centred over the gap between the first 2 panels and halfway down from the top of the panels, the other photo mat will lay slightly over the righthand edge of the large photo so that it overlaps. You may like to raise this with magic mount...x

Using a contrasting paper create a small strip that is 5" wide and 1" high. This will tuck in behind the top of your first two panels, making sure some is poking out the top. Centre this piece so that it is behind both panels equally. You can stick things down now if you like x

Create your page a title that will go at the end of the small strip of paper, above the 2 small photos. You can use stamps, chipboard, stickers, rubons, bling...it's up to you x
Create a cluster of embellishments and place them at the lower left corner of your large photograph...this might also be stamped images, chipboard, ribbons, rubons etc. the craft stash is all yours!

 ***INSTRUCTION #7 ***
Your journaling will go below the photographs on the 3rd panel, if this has a busy pattern add a mat for your journaling. Use your handwriting, stamps, ink or stickers, if you don't like to journal perhaps one of the inspirational stamps might look good x

Lucky last step...add a small embellishment on the bottom of your page, directly below the 3rd panel and touching the bottom of the sb page.
Stick everything down if you haven't already, add any doodles or finishing touches :)
Here is the picture of the page map that we used.
The source for this page map is from www.pagemaps.com
Thank you to Leeann Koester for organising this cyber crop.
Yours in Kaszazz,

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